What can Saluso do for you?

SALUSO is an intelligent social robot able to organize your daily work life in healthcare.

Patient anamnesis is a core focus in primary care since it is the initial procedure for almost all visiting patients.

What if SALUSO could manage the anamnesis for you?
SALUSO can do that!

SALUSO can also do a lot of other things for you and your clinic so you can stay focused and organized on your main tasks when diagnosing and treating patients.


SALUSO can manage several common anamneses.
For standardized healthcare procedures, SALUSO can also refer to additional laboratory tests.


  • Automized anamnesis
  • Cost effective
  • Increased patient security


By performing an amnesis of your patient, SALUSO will allow you to spend more time with your patient.

This way SALUSO increases patient flow with higher patient quality and less personnel resources.


  • High patient flow
  • Better patient quality
  • Less administration


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  • Feature One
  • Feature Two
  • Feature Three
“Wouldn´t it be nice to get rid of all of your administrative burdens?

That would be a revolution in health care!

SALUSO easily detects urinary tract infections.

Untreated urinary tract infections are dangerous. However, they are straghtforward infections to diagnose and treat.

Such diagnoses belong in the category of standardized healthcare processes.

For typical symptoms when doing anamnesis, the care provider can then without a doctor refer to additional laboratory tests.

This is where SALUSO can help you automate the process, by finally providing the doctor with the correct information for diagnosis and treatment – quickly and cost efficiently.


SALUSO´s many skills.

SALUSO will not only give your patient a pleasant visit at your department. SALUSO will also help you to organize the patient flow by triaging patients as well as lift a lot of adminstrative burdens from your shoulders.

Conclusively, SALUSO will increase patient security, increase your patient flow, and decrease your clinical and administrative costs.

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